Mission & Vision

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"To function as a one-stop commercial language teaching institution by becoming a viable alternative to other commercial language teaching institutions is the country and region". In this way , IfLA will serve

  • The University community
  • The public and private sectors
  • The general public and
  • Muslims overseas

This will also cater to the University's Mission which is the Triple 'I'CE

  • Intergration
  • Islamization
  • Internationalization
  • Comprehensive Excelence


To develop a language institute which is able to offer reasonably priced, high quality language courses conducted by experienced and dedicated teachers in an Islamic environment which is ideal for language advancement.

The Institute for Language Advancement (IfLA) was established with the objective of providing the full spectrum of language courses and services to the University community, the public and private sector and the public at large. As the importance of international communication continues to grow at a rapid rate, the provision of high quality language training to equip prospective and practicing professionals with the right communication skills is of the utmost importance in today’s competitive world.