Language Courses for the Corporate Sector

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The Institute for Language Advancement (IfLA) is the public arm of the Centre for Languages of The International Islamic University Malaysia. It’s a language institute inside the university. We offer Language courses for the public, private and corporate sectors depending on the needs of the particular organization. We have conducted various English Language courses and workshops for government agencies and corporate organizations tailor-made to their needs.

Regular Courses (30-50 hours)

  1. English for the Workplace (level1 - Level5)
  2. High Impact Business Communicative English (level1 - Level5)
  3. Corporate Writing
  4. Corporate Presentations
  5. Speech Writing
  6. Survival English
  7. English for Tourism
  8. English for Hotel and Catering
  9. English for Engineering
  10. English for Management
  11. English for Marketing
  12. Aviation English
  13. English for Information Technology and Computer Users
  14. English for Medicine
  15. English for Meetings
  16. Practical English for Front Liners

Workshop Series

  1. Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  2. Letter Writing Skills
  3. Preparing Proposals and Reports
  4. Better Spoken English /Accent Reduction
  5. Practical English for Front Liners
  6. English for Meetings and Minutes of Meeting
  7. Effective Negotiation Skills
  8. Better Pronunciation

Course Fees

IfLA’s standard fee for Malaysian corporate sector organizations is RM450 (30 hours) – RM750 (50 hours) per participants per class (20 participants) for regular programmes and RM400 per hour for workshop format. This covers all training materials, training, travel expenses, testing, certification, administration and materials and trainer quality control.


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