Bankscope Database

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IIiBF has suscribed to the Bankscope Database, which is used to access the established and specialised database of international financial industry. Students are given hands on training on the everyday data creation for the various financial /credit analysis purposes through the unique Bankscope Database System installed into the computers available for students at IIiBF. This gives the students the "feel" of a banker and the tools available before them for better understanding the operational needs and functions of banking and financial industry. This database has detailed financial information of both public and private banks of 5,000 European, 12,500 Americans, 900 Japanese and over 3,000 major banks and 32 supranational banking and financial organisation, whose reports on detailed consolidated and unconsolidates balance sheet and income statements for up to 8 years with varying degrees of standardisation are provided for the students to calliberate and customize on their own for learning purposes.



Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday (8.30 am - 4.30 pm)


Contact Person:

1) Pn. NoorHasimah Aris

   Tel      : 03 2082 2800 / 03 2082 2830 (DL)

   E-mail :


2) Br. Khairol Fahmi

    Tel      : 03 2082 2800 / 03 2082 2850 (DL)

    E-mail :