Ifis Database

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Islamic Finance Information Service (IFIS) is the most comprehensive and user friendly online Islamic finance information portal with global coverage that tracks the world-wide developments in Islamic financial industry by keeping users well-informed and updated regularly on the latest happenings in the islamic finance industry through providing the latest news that are fully indexed, archieved and searchable.


Among the salient features of IFIS are:


  • Maintaining a database on Islamic Shari'ah scholars who serve as members of the Islamic Finance Shari'ah Supervisory Boards in various banks and financial institutions.
  • Providing the most comprehensive coverage Islamic finance conferences and events world wide.
  • Updating the profiles and activites of Takaful players globally
  • Detailing the happenings in the sukuk market since 1991
  • Covering database on syndicated loans and project finance of various industries that filtered country and sector-wise with information and ranking on arrangers and bookrunners
  • Classifying the terms and conditions of Islamic funds database with NAVs, AUMs, etc. 

Students are encourged to make full use of this service in their research.


Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday (8.30 am - 4.30 pm)


Contact Person:

1) Pn. NoorHasimah Aris

    Tel      : 03 2082 2800 / 03 2082 2830 (DL)

    E-mail : nhasimah@iium.edu.my

2) Br. Khairol Fahmi

    Tel      : 03 2082 2800 / 03 2082 2850 (DL)

    E-mail : binjai86@gmail.com