Working Papers

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A series devoted to academic studies by IIiBF academic staffs and students. The series is interested on research relevant to Islamic banking and finance. The series is intended to disseminate research quickly in preliminary form and to encourage discussions and suggestions for revisions and refinements. Papers in the series may have already been presented at conferences and/or workshops, but should not have been published in journals.

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The Nexus Between Economic Freedom and Islamic Bank Performance: Empirical Evidence from the MENA Banking Sectors

Fadzlan Sufian & Muhammed Zulkhibri Abdul Majid

Determinants Of Viable Assets For The Development Of Islamic Finance Products

Umar Mohammed Idris
2012-02 Determinants of Revenue Efficiency in the Malaysian Islamic Banking Sector Fadzlan Sufian, Fakarudin Kamarudin & Nor Halida Haziaton Mohd Noor
2012-03 Financial Sector Liberalization, Foreign Banks Entry and Domestic Banks Performance: Malaysia’s Initial Post-Liberalization Experience Fadzlan Sufian & Nor Halida Haziaton Mohd Noor
2012-04 Has Corporate Social Responsibilities of Islamic Banking Achieved Maqasid Shariah? Nor Halida Haziaton Mohd Noor