Resources For IIUM Staff

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Useful links for staff.

Resources For IIUM Staff

  1. My IIUM Portal | The gateway of information and resource for the IIUM community.
  2. Oracle HRMS | IIUM Employee Self Service
  3. HURIS | IIUM Employee Self Service
  4. IIUM Mail (Exchange) | New IIUM Email using Microsoft Exchange. Please use IE to browse.
  5. Staff Directory | IIUM Phone directory
  6. IIUM Library
  7. APAR | Online Appraisal System
  8. CV Online | Online Curiculum Vitae
  9. ADM | Asset Declaration System
  10. e-Learning |E-Learning & Online Community Portal
  11. IIUM SFS | IIUM Student Feedback Survey
  12. Clearance System | IIUM Clearance System
  13. E-Meeting | The paper-less initiatives implemented throughout the University
  14. IIUM Repository (IREP)
  15. Key-In Exam Results

Online ITD Services (Online System)

  1. Request Email | Online Email Requesting
  2. Staff Webhosting | Free web hosting facilities to all staff
  3. ITD Portal | Application systems developed by ITD for the use of STAD and S-DEV end-users
  4. Wireless | IIUM Wireless Services
  5. Compilation of Online Application | Systems use by STAD and S-Dev
  6. CAM Entry | Result Entry (CAM) Using Java Runtime
  7. Result Entry | Result Entry (Final) Using Jave Runtime