Vision and Mission

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  • To be the centre for educational excellence and research in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences



  • Integration of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences

  • Islamization of Human Sciences

  • Relevantization of Islamic Revealed Knowledge to contemporary issues

  • Research and innovation in the disciplines of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences


Client Charter

  • Attend to client needs promptly, courteously and attentively.  

  • Keep the Kulliyyah’s community updated with the latest information on relevant policies, rules and regulations.

  • Respond promptly to complaints/suggestions from clients.  

  • Ensure a safe working environment for the Kulliyyah’s community at all times.

  • Maintain a high standard in the maintenance of all equipment and facilities at the Kulliyyah.


Educational Goals

  • To ensure that the students internalize the worldview of Islam in each and every aspect of their life.

  • To develop students' knowledge in their chosen fields of specialization and their commitment to using their knowledge for the advancement of the Ummah.

  • To develop students' commitment to the ideas of the relevantization of religious sciences and the integration of Human Sciences with Islamic Revealed Knowledge.

  • To enable the students to acquire the necessary skills for the application of their knowledge in real life situations.

  • To develop the social skills of the students so that they become responsible and effective contributors to societal harmony and growth.

  • To inculcate Islamic values in the students and nurture positive attitudes and professionalism.

  • To develop students' competency in articulating ideas and communicating with others and become effective leaders and team players in the family, the workplace and the community.

  • To ensure students acquire important scientific skills that are necessary in contemporary times.

  • To develop students' thinking skills and problem solving capacity to cope with challenges in the real world.

  • To prepare students for lifelong learning through research and information management skills.