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  1. Application For External Training Form
  2. Application For Research Leave Form
  3. Assignment of Over Time Work Form
  4. Booking of Venue Form
  5. Clearance Form
  6. Complaints & Suggestions Form
  7. Proposal For Appointment of Part-Time Assistants Form
  8. Report on Conference/Seminar Form
  9. Request For Assistance/Maintenance/Furniture Form
  10. Request For Clearance Form
  11. Transport Requisition Form
  12. Verification for Medical Certificate / Time Slip
  13. Courier service requisition form
  14. Notice of resumption for duty
  15. Application for the post of part-time Lecturer/Tutor/Demonstrator
  16. Student assistantship program (SAP) application form
  17. Application for substitutional leave form
  18. Tranportation Request Form
  19. Report Duty & Report after Sabbatical Leave


  1. Application For IIUM Financial Sponsorship to Attend Local Seminar/Conferences/Workshop Form
  2. Application For Financial Assistance and Approval For Attending Overseas Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Visits/Data Collection For IIUM Academic Staff form
  3. List of Registered Travelling Agency Under IIUM Finance
  4. Lampiran A For Overseas Travel - Standard Government Format_1 
  5. Overtime Form 1st July 2010
  6. Overtime Request Form
  7. Request For Purchase Form
  8. Claim form for graduate Admin. Assistant
  9. Claim form for part-time Admin Assistant
  10. Confirmation of Cash Acceptance
  11. Financial Report Form for Student
  12. Flight Ticket Form
  13. Proucurement Approval form (ICT)
  14. Request for purchase form (under 5000)
  15. Third semester claim form
  16. Travelling claim form
  17. Independent Study Form
  18. Miscellaneous Advancement Form
  19. Part TIme Lecturer's Claim Form
  20. Procurement Form
  21. Reimbursement Form
  22. Request Form
  23. Extra Teaching Claim Form


  1. Computer Delivery Report Form
  2. ICT Equipment Loan Form
  3. ICT Services & Maintenance Form
  4. List of Academic Staff by Department (Room No.)