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LIST OF REVISED FORMS (Teaching & Learning)

List of Revised forms (Teaching and Learning) <<<<<<<DOWNLOAD FROM AMAD WEBSITE

Below are the list of revised forms (Teaching & Learning), please click the link above to download and print:

  • UG01 Application To Add A Course (Adjustment / Late Registration Period
  • UG02 Application To Audit A Course (Week 1)
  • UG03 Application To Drop A Course (Week 2 Until Week 3)
  • UG04 Application To Withdraw A Course
    Fees Of RM300.00 (Week 5 Until Week 10)
  • UG05 Application To Withdraw A Course After Deadline
    Fees Of RM500.00 (Week 11 Until Week 14) 
  • UG06 Application To Conduct Decentralized Examination
  • UG07 Application To Resit An Examination
    Fees Of RM100.00
  • UG08 Application To Repeat A Passed Course 
    Fees Of RM500.00 (Week 1)
  • UG09 Appeal To Review Answer Script
    Fees Of RM50.00
  • UG10 Application For Leave Of Absence
    Fees Of RM50.00 (Week 1 Until Week 12)
  • UG11 Application For Credit Transfer Within IIUM
  • UG12 Application To Register Course On Independent Study Basis
    Fees Of RM500.00 / Couse
    (For Graduating STudents Only - Week 1)


For Students

Academic Affairs

  1. Application to Sit-in (for Students with Financial Problem)
  2. Application for Partial transcript (undergraduate)
  3. Change of Programme (from BENL to HS only)
  4. Change of Programme (from HS to BENL only)
  5. Change of Programme (from BARB/RK to HS only)
  6. Change of Programme (from BARB/RK to BENL only)
  7. Declaration of Major (for HS student only) ---------------------Not applicable for batch 101 onwards
  8. Declaration of Double Major (Batch 053 & Above)
  9. Declaration of Minor from other Kulliyyah (Batch 053 & Above)
  10. Declaration of Minor in ARAB (Batch 053 & Above)
  11. Declaration of Minor in ENGL (Batch 053 & Above)
  12. Declaration of Minor in IRK (Batch 053 & Above)
  13. Declaration of Minor within HS Division (Batch 053 & Above)
  14. Declaration of Minor in RKFQ/RKQS/RKUD
  15. Choice Of Major
  16. Application for certification letter

Minor Courses

1.   Course List: Minor within KIRKHS
2.   Course List: Minor from other Kulliyyahs/Centres

Course Synopsis

1.   Communication
2.   English Literature and Linguistics
3.   History and Civilization
4.   Political Science
5.   Psychology 
6.   Sociology and Anthropology
7.   Elective IRK courses


Course Registration Planner

Human Sciences

1.   HS Single Major
2.   HS with Minor in IRK (General)
3.   HS with Minor in HS/BENL
4.   HS with Minor in ARAB
5.   HS with Minor in RKFQ
6.   HS with Minor in RKQS
7.   HS with Minor in RKUD
8.   HS with Minor in ECONS/BBA
9.   HS with Minor in IT
10. HS with Minor in LAWS
11. HS Double Majors


English Literature & Linguistics

1.   BENL Single Programme
2.   BENL with Minor in IRK (General)
3.   BENL with Minor in HS
4.   BENL with Minor in ARAB
5.   BENL with Minor in RKFQ
6.   BENL with Minor in RKQS
7.   BENL with Minor in RKUD
8.   BENL with Minor in ECONS/BBA
9.   BENL with Minor in IT
10. BENL with Minor in LAWS
11. BENL with Double Majors


  1. KIRKHS Internship Program Book