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Postgraduate Procedures, Rules and Regulations

  1. Plagiarism in Various Forms (For Information)

Postgraduate Important Dates (Academic) Session 2015/2016 Sem. I,II,III

  1. PG Important Dates (Download from CPS website)  

Study Plan

  3. Study plan for KIRKHS PG Students

Graduate on Time (GOT) 

  1. Graduate on Time (GOT) Gantt Chart for KIRKHS PG Students

Registration of Research (Thesis/Dissertation/Research Proposal)

  1. CPS Notice of New Research Work Form (Revised) Effective Sem. 2, 2013/2014
  2. CPS Process Flow Registration of Research (Thesis/Dissertation/Research Proposal)
  3. Research Proposal Form-CPS REG/2014 (1) (CPS Form)
  4. Research Proposal Progress Form-CPS REG/2014 (2) (CPS Form)
  5. Research Progress Report Form-CPS REG/2014 (3) (CPS Form)


  1. Application for Transfer of Credits/Exemption of Courses (CPS Form)
  2. Application for Withdrawal of Course (CPS Form)
  3. Application for an Extension of Study Period (CPS Form)
  4. Application for Change Status of Study (CPS Form)
  5. Application for Leave of Absence (CPS Form)
  6. Application for Change Mode of Programme (CPS Form)
  7. Registration of Research Paper Form

Research Proposal

  1. Nomination of Supervisors (Kulliyyah Form) For First time nomination only-updated Nov. 2016 (Previous update Feb. 2016)
  2. Change of Supervisor (Kulliyyah Form) -updated Nov 2015 (Previous update Aug 2015)
  3. Master's Thesis/Dissertation Proposal (to present proposal at Departmental level) (Kulliyyah Form) -updated Aug 2016 (Previous update Aug. 2015)
  4. PhD Thesis/Dissertation Proposal (to present proposal at Departmental level) (Kulliyyah Form) -updated Aug 2016 (Previous update Aug. 2015)
  5. Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Correction (to submit with Revised Proposal) (Kulliyyah Form) -updated Feb 2016 (Previous update May 2015)
  6. Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Template (English)(Kulliyyah)
  7. Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Template (Arabic) (Kulliyyah) - updated March 2015


  1. Notification of Intention to Submit Research Work (CPS Form)
  2. Master Examiner form
  3. PhD Examiner form
  4. Certification of Completion and Correction of Thesis by Main Supervisor (for Master by Coursework and Research) (CPS Form)
  5. Certification of Completion of Research Work for Master (by Research Only) and PhD Programme (CPS Form)
  6. Certification of Completion for Masters (By Coursework and Research) (CPS Form)
  7. Review of Thesis Binding (Master-PhD) (CPS Form)
  8. Flowchart of Registration for Research Proposal/Research/Research Progress Report

Thesis Flowchart for Batch G102 and Above 

  1. Masters by Coursework and Research -updated May 2016
  2. Masters by Research Only -updated May 2016
  3. PhD by Coursework and Research -updated May 2016
  4. PhD by Research Only -updated May 2016

IIUM Thesis Manual - updated May 2016

Important Notice to Ph.D and Master students submitting thesis/dissertation to the Kulliyyah:

1. Please download the IIUM Thesis Manual consisting Arabic or English Thesis Template from the Centre for Postgraduate Studies(CPS) website. 
2. You MUST do thesis/dissertation corrections according to the styles and format regulations in accordance with IIUM Thesis Manual.
3. Upon Kulliyyah’s approval for thesis binding, you (student) willprepare and bear all costs in producing the thesis hard bound.
4. The Kulliyyah will NOT pay ANY costs whatsoever or be responsible in preparing or producing the thesis hard bound.

Meeting Schedules
1. Senate Meeting Schedule (link to Senate website)


  1. PG Students' Attendance Record Submission Form
  2. Evaluation Report of Master's Thesis (for IRK Division)
  3. Evaluation Report of Master's Thesis (for HS Division)
  4. Evaluation Report of PhD Thesis
  5. Master's Thesis Result (Reminder: Attach Turnitin report from Supervisor)
  6. Mark Sheet for Master Comprehensive Examination
  7. Mark Sheet for PhD Comprehensive Examination
  8. Extra Teaching Claim Due to Supervision
  9. Application to Change Class Schedule for Postgraduate Course
  10. PhD Seminar's Presentation Evaluation
  11. IIUM Code of Supervision
  12. Advisory Record Form
  13. Research Proposal Assessment Form
  14. Download New Format - EXTERNAL EXAMINER CV
  15. Claim Form-Honorarium for Examiner of Master's Thesis
  16. Template Letter-Nomination of Internal/External Examiners
  17. Template Letter from Dept-Master's Proposal