IRK Form

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LIST OF REVISED FORMS (Teaching & Learning)

List of Revised forms (Teaching and Learning) <<<<<<<DOWNLOAD FROM AMAD WEBSITE

Below are the list of revised forms (Teaching & Learning), please click the link above to download and print:

  • UG01 Application To Add A Course (Adjustment / Late Registration Period
  • UG02 Application To Audit A Course (Week 1)
  • UG03 Application To Drop A Course (Week 2 Until Week 3)
  • UG04 Application To Withdraw A Course
    Fees Of RM300.00 (Week 5 Until Week 10)
  • UG05 Application To Withdraw A Course After Deadline
    Fees Of RM500.00 (Week 11 Until Week 14) 
  • UG06 Application To Conduct Decentralized Examination
  • UG07 Application To Resit An Examination
    Fees Of RM100.00
  • UG08 Application To Repeat A Passed Course 
    Fees Of RM500.00 (Week 1)
  • UG09 Appeal To Review Answer Script
    Fees Of RM50.00
  • UG10 Application For Leave Of Absence
    Fees Of RM50.00 (Week 1 Until Week 12)
  • UG11 Application For Credit Transfer Within IIUM
  • UG12 Application To Register Course On Independent Study Basis
    Fees Of RM500.00 / Couse
    (For Graduating STudents Only - Week 1)



  1. Application for Partial Transcript
  2. Change of Major Minor
  3. Change of Programme BARB to RK
  4. Change of Programme HS-BENL to BARB-RK
  5. Change of Programme RK to BARB only
  6. Change Programme (BENL/HS/RK to BARB)
  7. Double Degree Form
  8. Graduation Form
  9. Declaration-of-Minor-From-Other-Kulliyyah-Rev-1-Apr-2012
  10. Majoring in RK
  11. Minoring in HS
  12. Minoring in RK
  13. KIRKHS Internship Program Book