Claim Policy for Supervision above Teaching Load

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To all academic staff of KIRKHS,

I have come to know that some of you are not aware of claim regulations concerning supervision that is carried out together with teaching assignments.

The basic principle in the regulations is that having 3 supervisees is considered equivalent to 3 credit hours of teaching. Therefore, if a lecturer who is supposed to have 12 credit hours of teaching load, is given 12 hours of teaching assignment plus 3 students to supervise, his load becomes 15 credit hours. Hence, he can claim for the additional 3 hours but he must choose one course/section that he is teaching for claim purposes.

Further details of the regulations are spelled out in KIRKHS' Claim Policy on Supervision. To obtain a copy of the policy, please click here.

To obtain a copy of the ETCS Form (Extra Teaching Claim due to Supervision), please click here.