Students Life

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IIUM pays serious attention not only to the academic needs of students but also their religious and moral life as individuals and members of an international Muslim community. Thus, the university prohibits any activities regarded as immoral by Islamic Law, such as smoking on campus. However, no effort is spared to ensure that they live a decent student life during the time that they are part of the IIUM community. Below are just some of the services they enjoy:

  • Housing: The University is fully residential and the fees charged for this service are minimal. The male residential colleges are separated from the female residential colleges and the safety and security of the female residents are given top priority by the university. Married students are given assistance in finding suitable places to rent in the community outside the campus.
  • Recreation and self-development : There are ample opportunities and facilities for sporting and other extracurricular activities for both males and females, with clubs for athletics and team sport, societies catering to academic and cultural interests, and other self-development associations. There are currently more than 80 such organization.
  • Counselling: few international students have experienced problems of adjustment when they join IIUM. But for those who do, there is a large internationally staffed body of advisers and peer counsellors to help them resolve these and other difficulties