Student Activities Unit

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About the Student Activities Unit
The student activities unit deals with the initial problems of international students when they arrive in Malaysia for the first time. This unit focuses on the problems of students like their accommodation, registration and other similar issues. This unit conducts regular programmes for international students like the orientation programme, Malaysian culture programme, educational visits, foster family program, etc.

Objectives of the Student Activities Unit :-

  • Receiving new international students upon their arrival to Malaysia and assisting them with their registration, accommodation and other essential needs.
  • Conducting orientation programmes for new international students admitted to the University.
  • Organising programmes that can promote cross-cultural awareness and also integration between Malaysian and International students.
  • Organising programmes to expose the students to Malaysian culture such as educational visits, foster family programmes, etc.
  • Organising informational workshops given by relevant authorities such as immigration, police, etc.
  • Organising programmes for spouses and children of international students.
  • Organising farewell gatherings for international students who have graduated from the IIUM.