Applied Arts and Design

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This department provides a comprehensive training in theory, methodology and practice in all the major subjects offered (Industrial Design, Interior Design and Conservation). This will equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge needer to enter the work force may it be in public or private sectors. The programme comprises of a central core element of compulsory lecture courses, seminars, projects and studio works; thematic specialisation focus on built environment, art and cultures as well as identification of issues relating to preserving history and heritage.


The objectives are:

1. To train students majoring in Interior Design, Industrial Design or Conservation

2. To encourage students' appreciation towards Islamic art and heritage

3. To develop students' skills and abilities in the fields of applied arts and design

4. To inculcate the valve of Islamic art heritage and the need to preserve this heritage

5. To encourage awareness amongst the student that art and design, as manifested in the various branches of Islamic art.


From left:

1. Nor Zalifa Zainal Abidin ( / Ext: 3740

2. Muhammad Hussin ( / Ext: 3778     CV

3. Ariff Budiman Mohamad  ( / Ext: 5258

4. Zumahiran Kamaruddin ( / Ext: 3146

5. Hazman Hazumi ( / Ext: 3767

6. Ismail Jasmani  ( / Ext: 6215

7. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mandana Barkeshli ( / Ext: 5288 :: Head of Department