Quantity Surveying

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The construction industry contributes significantly to an economy. Typically construction employs large amounts of resources including financial labour, material, plant and equipment. It represents a high proportion of the fixed capital formation (GFCF) and contributes significantly to the domestic produce (GDP) of the economy. Efficient and economical deployment of resources is vital to the industry and to society. Good management of expenditure therefore is essential in achieving economic resource allocation to enhance productivity and to achieve good value for money.

The objectives are to fill a need for professionals in the construction industry with a sound knowledge of construction economics, construction technology and management; and the Islamic perspective of man's Khalifah on Earth and the ability to apply this knowledge to the complex and dynamic situations prevailing within the construction industry and the processes of construction procurement of which it is comprised.


From left:

1. Atikah Razali (atikah_razali@yahoo.com) / Ext: 3158

2. Julian Osman (julian@iium.edu.my) / Ext: 3891

3. Masidah Abdul Majid (masidah@iium.edu.my) / Ext: 3162

4. Sr. Yahaya Mohd. Yunus (yahaya@iium.edu.my) / Ext: 3744     CV

5. Prof. Sr. Dr. Khairuddin Abdul  Rashid (khairuddin@iium.edu.my) / Ext: 5272     CV

6. Asst. Prof. Dr. Tan Chin Keng (tckeng@iium.edu.my) / Ext: 5270 :: Head of Department     CV

7. Shamsul Hadi Bandi (adi@iium.edu.my) / Ext: 3120

8. Sr. Azrin Mohd. Din (mdazrin@iium.edu.my) / Ext: 5273     CV

9. Asst. Prof. Dr. Sharina Farihah Hasan (sfarihah@iium.edu.my) / Ext: 5275     CV

10. Asst. Prof. Dr. Sharifah Mazlina Syed Khuzzan (smazlina@iium.edu.my) / Ext: 3733

11. Siti Nora Haryati Abdullah Habib (ctnora@iium.edu.my) / Ext: 5278