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Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT) is comprised of three (3) departments:

1. Department of Information Systems (DIS)
2. Department of Library & Information Science (DLIS)
3. Department of Computer Science (DCS)
As the University regards knowledge as a trust from Allah to be utilised, in accordance with His guidance, for the benefit of human life, KICT is at its best efforts to integrate sources of revealed knowledge with ICT principles. It is believed that it will contribute both to the enrichment of the intellectual tradition and the advancement of the individual and society.
In line with the philosophy, all programmes and courses offered by these deparments are designed for integration of Islamic knowledge and ICT. It makes our academic programmes comparatively unique to the other University's programmes.
We believe to be able to offer students with a unique opportunity for academic excellence and individual growth throughout their study in this Kulliyyah particularly.