Department of Computer Science (DCS)

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The Department of Computer Science aims to provide a sound and forward-looking education to equip graduates for careers in IT and related fields. To this end, our courses integrate problem solving skills with a foundation in technical IT. Graduates will be able to integrate new technology and develop themselves into future IT leaders, and to proceed to further studies. Higher degree graduates will be equipped with an advanced understanding of IT and its management, as well as a strong foundation for R&D careers. For the start, the Department's 4-years undergraduate programme is designed to meet the needs of distinct segments of the IT job market and to better serve students with different interests, background, abilities and career orientation.

Going forward, the Department plans to further improve our undergraduate programmes by developing few specialization areas that leading to the following degrees:

1. B.Sc of Computer Science (Software Engineering)
2. B.Sc of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
3. B.Sc of Computer Science (Information Security)
4. B.Sc of Computer Science (Networking)

Besides that, the Department will also offer master and doctoral programmes in Computer Science by research as well as by coursework and research.