Department of Information Systems (DIS)

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The Department of Information Systems was formerly affiliated with Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS). The Department was transferred to the Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT) after the latter was established in November 2001. Currently, the Department offers competitive undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

In order to realize the visions and missions of the University and Kulliyyah, the Department aims towards developing a new breed of Muslim professionals who are not just equipped with IT skills, but also competent in charting out strategic decisions as well as improving and upgrading organizational performance.

The Department continues to work towards its objectives of producing well-rounded intellectuals and professionals who are committed to the promotion of Islamic principles and disciplines. All of our graduates have been successful in securing jobs with various sectors such as governmental departments, IT companies and general management.

In essence, the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by the Department will enhance the students' ability to play a leading role in the local market as well as creating an impact on the global scene.

Going forward, the Department aspires to develop a more rigorous programmes in the areas of information and communication technology. It places a great emphasis on providing excellent programmes and teaching resources in order to enhance the quality of learning and research. It is expected that students will find a unique set of opportunities available to study for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at our Department.