Facilities @ KICT

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The Kulliyyah is equipped with comprehensive facilities and equipment to cater to students' needs in the learning and understanding process. Several computer laboratories are available:

* General Usage Lab
* Postgraduate Lab
* SUN Lab
* Bibliography Lab
* Networking Lab
* Final Year Project Lab
* Research Lab
* Teaching Labs

The computer laboratories are also equipped with the latest software versions in order to facilitate the teaching and learning process.

Other facilities that are available at the Kulliyyah:

* Online course repository
* Wireless network service
* KICT resource center

As part of the concern for students development and welfare, the Kulliyyah has endorsed student societies for undergraduate and postgraduate students which are responsible for representing the needs and problems of students to the Kulliyyah management. A new student of KICT may enroll as a member upon his/her registration into the Kulliyyah's programme.