ICT and Islam

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a neutral entity which relies on totality with users to give its meaning, purpose and direction. However, it must be seen as a strength which complements our role and responsibilities as leaders and workers of Islam. Information is a common factor in both fields of Da'wah and Technology. Thus, ICT and its infrastructure should be considered as factors in the equation of our duties in the mosques, schools and organizations. This group is unique as there is no such research group in any of the local universities.

Research Objectives

This group aims to integrate the efforts of the individuals in exploring the following two main areas:

* The establishment of the standards and Islamic fundamentals in the various fields of ICT (i.e. Theories & Fundamentals). The main Islamic principles should be taken as guidelines for laying the foundation of an Islamic code of practice in Software Engineering will be discussed.
* The use of lCT for the benefit of Muslim Ummah (i.e. Applications).

This might open new doors for Da'wah, and help the researchers, students and users to be able to link the Islamic values with ICT fundamentals and applications.

Group Members

* Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Fauzan Noordin (Leader)
* Assoc Prof Dr Hjh Roslina Othman
* Asst Prof Dr Wan Sabri Wan Yusof
* Asst Prof Dr Ammar bin Fadzil
* Asst Prof Dr Abdul Salam

For further details, kindly contact Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Fauzan Noordin (fauzan@iium.edu.my)