Behavioral Studies In Libraries

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Behavioral Studies in Libraries cover a broad area of research topics which focus principally on library practitioners and library employees’ behaviors in the workplace. Essentially, it focuses on a range of topics relating to work/organizational/occupational psychology in libraries as work organizations.

Research Topics

* Organizational Commitment among Library Employees
* Job Satisfaction among Library Employees
* Leadership Behavior of Library Employees
* Decision Making Processes
* Organizational Citizenship Behavior
* Communication Behavior
* Job Motivation of Library Employees
* Job/Work Design in Library
* Stress/ Burnout among Library Employees
* Employee Involvement
* Organizational Change and Development
* Performance Management
* Workplace Learning
* Training and Development
* Team Building
* Group Dynamics
* Library Anxiety
* Library Effectiveness

Group Members

* Asst Prof Dr Basri Hassan
* Noor Hasrul Nizan Mohd Noor