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This group aims at coordinating and conducting research in fields related to wireless technologies, with focus on physical later and hardware implementation issues. Research interests of this group include wireless broadband technologies, signal processing techniques for image processing and radar applications, and robotic development for UWB-Radar applications.

Research Themes

* To introduce novel and improved techniques for very high bit-rate data transmission in noisy
* To explore new methods for developing low-cost UWB-Radar engines for civilians applications.
* To validate and test the developed UWB-Radar engines using a multi-function robotic platform.
* To create the awareness of the importance of HW development in communication and computing

Research Objectives

* To develop commercial IP to support local communication and chip design industries in Malaysia,
and to create value abroad.
* To establish links with similar groups in OIC countries for better utilization of resources and efficient
dissemination of research results
* To organize seminars and conferences as a way of sharing knowledge and exchange of ideas
* To conduct consultancy for local and international clients

Group Members

* Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mabrouk (leader)
* Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohiuddin Ahmed
* Dr. Akhmad Unggul
* Dr. Sigit Puspito Jarot

For further details, kindly contact Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mabrouk (mabrouk@iium.edu.my)