Digital Libraries

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Digital libraries are a set of electronic resources and associated technical capabilities for creating, searching and using infol11lation. They are constructed by and for a community of users, and their functional capabilities support the information needs and uses of that community. In short, they encompass the capturing of infol11lation at the time of creation, making it accessible, maintaining and preserving it in forms that are useful to the user community.

Research Topics

* Digitizing legacy materials
* Scholarly electronic publishing
* Creating and preserving digital collection
* Application of imaging, OCR, natural language processing and other technologies in information creation and access.
* Social aspect of digital libraries
* Meta information environment of digital libraries: Dublin core metadata, metadata project for various subject i.e. medical metadata, geospatial metadata etc.
* Summarization, classification, indexing of text using information retrieval techniques
* Data mining in digital libraries : video mining
* Multimedia digital libraries: image retrieval system
* Evaluation of digital libraries

Research Coverage

* Creating the digital collection
* Evaluation of multimedia digital libraries
* Preserving the cultural heritage by digital means
* Developing an automated text summarization system for the English/Malay and Arabic language
* Digital divide: role of digital libraries in narrowing the gap
* Digital content management model
* Electronic journals : challenges and issues
* Metadata architecture for the World Wide Web

Group Members

* Prof Dr Ahmad Bakeri Abu Bakar (Leader)
* Asst Prof Dr Basri Hassan
* Asst Prof Dr Yushiana Mansor

For further details, kindly contact Prof Dr Ahmad Bakeri Abu Bakar (