Information Systems, Internet and Organizations (ISIO)

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This research group aims to coordinate all research work in the area of IT and organizational applications, including the far-reaching Internet technology. The research conducted within this group typically has a practical orientation so that it can contribute directly to the performance of business and non-business organizations.

Research Themes

* To investigate the ways in which information systems can be used to enhance managerial and organizational performance, whether the organization is big or small.

* To understand the wider organizational impacts associated with the implementation and operation of information systems.

* To explore the managerial, behavioral and strategic issues associated with the successful development and implementation of information systems.

* To explore the ways in which new technologies, such as the Internet and workflow systems, can be applied effectively within modern business and non-business organizations, regardless of the size.

* To understand why Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), in particular, are slow and hesitant in adopting IT and/or Internet technologies compared to larger counterparts.

* To understand the use and impacts of Internet on business and non-business organizations.

* To create awareness of the need for sustainability and strategic approach towards ICT.

* To explore innovative and creative methods of implementing ICT such as best practices,
benchmarks, new methodologies, tools and standards.

* To develop software not only as a means of generating functionality but as a process of creating economic value, and examines the impact it has on how software is developed and engineered in the broader context of how software is implemented and used in the changing business environment.

Research Objectives

* To initiate and conduct basic and empirical research which cover all aspects of Information Systems and Internet in organizations, including strategic and sustainable issues related to its implementation.

* To provide knowledge network among the various relevant parties and encourage cooperation among key players.

* To disseminate research results in new and innovative ways.

* To organize seminars, workshops, conferences and other meetings in order to facilitate dissemination of information resources and exchange of ideas.

* To carry out consultancy on behalf of clients.

Current Projects

* IT outsourcing in Malaysia
* E-commerce Adoption and Success Factors
* IT and SME - Challenges and Status
* IT workforce and employment in Malaysia
* Strategic Information System Planning (SISP)
* E-government implementation
* E-learning in Muslim in countries
* Human Computer Interaction
* IT and Healthcare

Group Members

* Assoc Prof Dr Husnayati Hussin (Leader)
* Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Adam Suhaimi
* Assoc Prof Dr Nor Shahriza Abdul Karim
* Dr Abdul Rahman Ahlan
* Dr Norshidah Mohamed
* Dr Murni Mahmud
* Zainatul Shima
* Mohamad Sadry
* Nurul Nuha
* Farhatuzzakiyah Ahmad Fakhrizzaki
* Mohd Sharqawy Hamzah
* Asma Mohd Ali
* Marini Othman
* Shuhaili Talib

For further details, kindly contact Assoc Prof Dr Husnayati Hussin (