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Department of Biology



The Department of Biology was established in June 2010. This department functions as a preparatory platform to provide the knowledge and skills in the field of Biology. There are three programmes under the purview of Biology Department: Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.


  • To offer Biology courses for students taking Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Allied Health Science and Biological Science programmes.
  • To provide the students with Biology knowledge and scientific skills which are required by bachelor degree programmes at Kulliyyah level.
  • To develop the softskill in preparation to Kulliyyah entry and workplace.


The department offers three (3) courses:

  • Biology 1 (BIO0415)
  • Biology 2 (BIO0425)
  • Practical Biology (BIO0401)

Biology 1 (BIO0415)

Course Synopsis

This course will cover the following topics: the origin of life; the important organic compounds, their structures and roles in the living organism: ultrastructure and functions of cell components; activities across the cell membrane; cell cycle; cellular respiration; photosynthesis; the concepts and mechanism of heredity and genetics; genetic change and variation; concepts of protein synthesis and gene regulation; biotechnology; population genetics.


Biology 2 (BIO0425)

Course Synopsis:

This course will cover the following topics: the variety of tissues within the animal and plant body, the study of life processes in plants and animals with emphasis on gaseous exchange, transport and circulation, hormones, nervous system, locomotion and support system, homeostasis, biodiversity, reproduction, development, immunology, ecology and population ecology. The course will also serve to instill the Islamic approach towards the relationship between man, his environment and his role as vicegerent as ordained by his Creator.

Practical Biology (BIO0401)

Course Synopsis:

This course will provide hands-on experience in handling the microscope, laboratory equipment, identification of human and plant tissues, identification of mammalian skeleton, rat dissection, chi square test, water quality test, classification of organisms and application of scientific methods.


Head of Department

Nazira Zubir

BSc (Pharmacology & Physiology) , Uni. of Adelaide, South Australia,
Master of Engineering (Biomedical) with Distinction UM, Studies PhD in Biomedical Engineering, UM

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