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Department of Islamic Revealed Knowledge



The Department of Islamic Revealed Knowledge is one of the largest departments at the Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM. It offers core courses to its own students who specialise in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage (IRKH), Human Sciences (HS), Arabic (BAR) and English (BEN) programmes; with English and Arabic as the medium of interactions. Apart from that, University required courses which are compulsory for all the students of the Centre are offered to enhance students’ knowledge on Islam and to inculcate Islamic values in them. The courses include Understanding Islam, Basic Themes of al-Qur’an and Religions in Malaysia. Additionally, department required courses which are compulsory for all students of the department are offered to instil in them necessary skills to prepare them to undertake an intense and challenging undergraduate studies in the main campus. These courses include Introduction to Creative and Critical Thinking Skills and Basic Research Methods and Report Writing.

The department is also home to a team of dedicated and experienced academic staff from various cultures and nationalities. Though the staff are streamlined according to their expertise and specialisation to teach various programmes, they are capable of undertaking multi disciplined courses. They are also deeply involved in revising and improving the course contents so as to make it updated, relevant, practical and useful for the ever-changing needs and issues of the Muslim Ummah and the world.

The Department aims at moulding students into becoming well-rounded, high-achievers equipped with sound faith (ÔmÉn), knowledge (ÑIlm) and good conduct (AkhlÉq). They are taught to lead by example, to become useful, contributive and relevant to the Muslim Ummah and the world.