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Leadership and Training Unit

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A. Training Unit

Training Unit, Leadership and Training Department is responsible for managing two types of training, compulsory and non-compulsory training programmes. Compulsory training refers to the programmes that all CFS students must attend. It includes Tilawah Al-Qur’an Classes, Study Circle, BTN Programme and Leadership Training Programme (LEADTRAIN). Non-compulsory training consists of programmes conducted by the Unit to enhance various skills such as leadership, management and problem solving skills.


i) Tilawah Al-Qur’an Classes

Undoubtedly, the Qur’an needs serious attention by Muslims, particularly students of Islamic institutions such as the Centre for Foundation Studies of the International Islamic University Malaysia. Naturally, the Muslim community expects students to recite the Qur’an well, at least for the fulfillment of daily requirements as Muslims and later as leaders of the community. In view of this, the Centre for Foundation Studies, through the Leadership and Training Department, organizes Tilawah Al-Qur’an classes for students who are poor in their knowledge of Qur’anic reading ability. In order to identify and classify the students, all students are required to sit for the Tilawah Entry Test (TEnT) conducted during Ta’aruf week. Students who fail this test are required to register for Tilawah classes and attendance is compulsory. The classes are conducted by Assistant Religious Officers under the supervision of the Leadership and Training Department. Students have to attend classes once a week for 10 weeks per semester. The classes are from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm. At the end of the semester, a centralized examination is conducted for the students. The marks of the final test and attendance are incorporated in the academic transcript.

ii) Study Circle Programme

‘Study Circle’ in the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) context refers to a group of students who co-operate very closely among themselves in understanding and practicing Islamic teachings. Allah (s.w.t) says: “Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, But help ye not one another in sin and rancor: Fear Allah for Allah is strict in punishment” (Al Maidah: 2)  The fundamental reason for institutionalizing the Study Circle is to fulfill the aims and objectives of Islamic education. It is hoped that the Study Circle activities are able to provide conducive environment for internalizing Islamic teachings. Study Circle is compulsory for all students who have passed the Tilawah Entry Test (TEnT). Study Circle group is led by a facilitator who has been selected and trained by the unit. The general objectives of the Study Circle are:

  • to explain proper ways of understanding Islam
  • to develop right and comprehensive ways of understanding Islam
  • to strengthen the spirit of being constantly committed to Islamic teachings for the purpose of practicing those teachings among individuals, family, community and society at large.

The specific objectives of the Study Circle are:

  • to increase self-awareness
  • to improve interpersonal relationships and communication skills
  • to build brotherly ties among group members
  • to foster acceptance of oneself and others.

iii) Leadership Training Programme (LEADTRAIN)

University Malaysia is to produce integrated and holistic persons who are well-balanced in terms of academic achievement, professional competence as well as character development. We believe that this type of generation - a generation with comprehensive leadership qualities - will be able to undertake the reconstruction and revival of the Ummah. The Leadership Training Programme is a compulsory programme for all students of the Centre for Foundation Studies, International Islamic University Malaysia that aims to develop leadership qualities appropriate for the contemporary and future conditions. It is hoped that LEADTRAIN will give Foundation students the understanding of qualities of leadership required for plural societies in the new millennium. The performance of the students is evaluated and incorporated into the Student Activity Record System (STARS)


  1. To make students understand the vision and mission of the International Islamic University Malaysia in the face of new challenges
  2. To develop Islamic personality and leadership among students
  3. To make students realize their roles in the future
  4. To foster closer Islamic brotherhood among students

Iv) Nation Building Course (BTN)

The Centre for Foundation Studies of IIUM, being the gateway to the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue, is the place to sow the seeds of integration and internationalization within future IIUM graduates. In line with the aspiration of the Ministry of Higher Learning and the Ministry of Education, the BTN Programme is designed to develop wholesome Muslim graduates. Through this programme students are given exposure to the needs of the times and improve their ability to play a role in making Malaysia in particular, and Islamic civilization in general.


Specifically, at the end of this programme, the participants will:

  1. understand the vision and mission of IIUM and have the motivation to play their part in achieving them
  2. appreciate and fully utilize the facilities and environment provided by the Malaysian government (One Malaysia) and to actualize their potential to become global players
  3. internalize and project those values of Islam which are relevant in a globalizing world, i.e. integrity, moderation, co-existence, etc.
  4. acquire necessary skills and confidence to live in a multicultural environment
  5. adopt a positive attitude and believe that nothing is impossible for Muslims to achieve if they put their mind and heart to it, and
  6. be able to integrate and play their role in enhancing the truly international environment and standards of the IIUM.


i) LEADTEAM Programme


  1. To develop second-line young Bumiputera leaders who are well equipped spiritually, mentally and physically
  2. To give better understanding to our young leaders about the vision and mission of the university and the national aspiration
  3. To produce well-rounded and competitive future leaders to meet challenges, locally and internationally
  4. To gather young leaders with high potential under one umbrella, hence giving them ample opportunity to communicate with each other more effectively
  5. To expose our students to the right concept of leadership and give them training in management, communication, thinking, problem solving and public speaking skills
  6. To establish an avenue for student leaders to properly channel their ideas and thoughts in the course of contributing towards the development of the University generally and the Centre specifically
  7. To foster closer relationships between students and officials of the University and strengthen their spirit of brotherhood

ii) Facilitators Training Programme (FASTRAIN)


  1. To encourage active participation of students in the Study Circle programme
  2. To produce active students who will become future student leaders
  3. To nurture potential student leadership
  4. Establishment of the Facilitator Representation Committee
    • To help the coordination of the Study Circle programme conducted weekly
    • To organize development programmes for facilitators

iii) Management Training Programme (Induction Course for FRC)


  1. To enhance the management skills of students
  2. To expose students to knowledge of management skills
  3. To enable students to learn from experienced leaders about management techniques

B. Speech and Interpersonal Communication Enhancement (SPICE) Unit

In addition to academic excellence, the primary vision and mission of a tertiary education institution also aims at producing future leaders of the society. IIUM embraces and celebrates this idea - the establishment of the SPICE Unit is yet another manifestation of this. After having directed many resources and much energy into ensuring its continued participation in debating tournaments, local and international, the University realizes, quite rightly, the benefits its students stand to gain from being well-equipped with communicative skills that are coupled with and complemented by a culture of knowledge-seeking and critical thinking. Whilst the University Debating Associations are avenues of training for competitive debating, the SPICE Unit is a forum that provides the student mass in general an attractive and convenient alternative for acquiring communicative skills so necessary for students’ successful venture into positions of leadership. The Speech and Interpersonal Communication Enhancement (SPICE) Unit is established with the following objectives:

  1. to instill within students a degree of confidence to speak and project ideas
  2. to equip students with basic communicative skills akin to the skills acquired by varsity public speaking and debating competitors
  3. to cultivate a culture of reading, knowledge-seeking and critical thinking within the student populace.

The SPICE Unit offers its services in communication and interpersonal skills not only to the students of CFS but also has spread its wings to secondary schools and colleges. Among the programmes designed are:

  1. Intensive Debate Training (conducted in three languages: English, Arabic and Bahasa Melayu)
  2. Intensive Public Speaking Skills Workshop
  3. Adjudicating and Coaching Workshop
  4. Communication Skills Workshop
  5. Research Skills Workshop