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Centre for Foundation Studies

International Islamic University Malaysia
Office of Campus Director
Kuantan Campus
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
Bandar Indera Mahkota
25200 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur,Malaysia

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Phone: +609 570 4333
Ext: 3486/3485/4322/4323

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Phone: +609 570 4333
Ext: 3487/3535/3593/3594

Any matters related to CFS, please email to cfs.enquiry@iium.edu.my


Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS)

The Centre for Foundation Studies has been in existence form July 1985. Since then, it has undergone a lot of developments in order to transform IIUM into a garden of knowledge. Its infrastructure has been upgraded without neglecting the advancement of academic competitiveness in the ever-challenging IT-dominated educational sector. With approximately 4800 students every semester, the Centre for Foundation Studies is becoming a highly sought after place especially for SPM holders seeking to pursue their studies at institutions of higher learning. The number of applicants is expected to increase every year. Given this scenario, promotion plays a significant role in recruiting “the cream of the crop from among the best candidates at every enrollment and introducing IIUM as a centre of excellence in the field of education. So far, IIUM has adopted several methods in promoting the Centre such as distributing pamphlets, handing out information to the public, briefings and conducting exhibitions with central agencies such as the Ministry of Higher Education.


The objective of the Centre for Foundation Studies is to prepare candidates for admission into the bachelors degree programmes of the university. The philosophy of the International Islamic University Malaysia, which forms the basis of the centre, is applicable to all foundation programmes. Hence, students are subject to the requirements laid down by the university with respect to the implementation of the islamic principles of education, values and way of life that require the integration of islamic worldview and islamic code of conduct.