Basic Medical Sciences

Basic Medical Sciences

The Department of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) is primarily involved in the teaching of the Phase I undergraduate programme, which spans over the first 2 years of the medical programme, postgraduate programmes (Masters and Ph.D), and diagnostic services.

The main objective of Phase I of the undergraduate programme is to understand the mechanisms of bodily functions in health and disease from the biological, behavioral, epidemiological and social aspects. Students are taught to integrate knowledge from the different disciplines into a meaningful whole, and to acquire skills in reasoning and deduction in order to solve medical and related problems.

Subjects covered in the two years are: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Parasitology and Biostatistics and Epidemiology. The teaching-learning is done in an integrated manner and several clinical correlation classes are held. Islamic input classes are  also held throughout the 2 years (and 5 years of the undergraduate programme).

Phase I is divided into 4 blocks in each of the two years and the teaching-learning methodologies include formal interactive lectures, tutorials, practical sessions, problem-based learning sessions, and student seminars. Examinations are held at the end of each of the 8 blocks and the first professional examination at the end of Phase I. An external Examiner is invited to assess the standard of the examination.

The Electron Microscope Unit (EMU), which is under the purview of BMS, is located on the first floor of the Kulliyyah of Medicine. Research Laboratories are located on level 3. Five Science Officers and 28 Laboratory Staff ensure the smooth running of the departmental teaching-learning, research and other academic activities. The administration office of the Department is located at level 2.

Organizational Chart of BMS Department

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BMS Training & Development (T&D)

The BMS department is committed to continuously provide knowledge and information to the laboratory staffs aligned with IIUM vision and mission, to restore the dynamic and progressive role of the Muslim Ummah in all branches of knowledge and intellectual discourse. Therefore the seeking of knowledge is regarded as an act of worship (IIUM Philosophy). In order to achieve the IIUM vision and mission, the BMS department has laid out a monthly session of training and development programmes throughout the year 2017.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • To enhance self-competency, knowledge improvement, sustainable in principal and laboratory techniques.
  • To maximize, emphasize and explore the use of laboratory techniques and safety aspect.
  • To learn and apply the theoretical and practical aspects of good laboratory practices (GLP)and the right technique in our daily work.
  • To refresh safety training and knowledge for all laboratory staffs as required in OHS certification.

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