Access to Resources

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Online Library Catalog

SMNA Library is a branch of IIUM Library and therefore uses the same online catalog: OPAC 


Manuscripts are authentic sources of intellectual tradition and civilization of various cultures and therefore are worthy of being studied and researched. However, since they are very old  and fragile, they are not directly accessible to users. Digitized images are provided to act as surrogates so that the original items are well preserved. These images are accessible via IIUM Library Intranet and several dedicated PCs in SMNA Library.

Users may search for IIUM Library’s manuscripts in the IIUM Library homepage, the Digital Library Services as well as by browsing  through several hand-lists available at the Information Counter in SMNA Library.

Arabic Manuscript in SMNA Library

To view digital copies in full-text, a user has to request by completing the appropriate form at SMNA Library. He will be notified as soon as it is ready for use.

Rare Books & Scholars Collections

These collections are placed in a closed-access room because they are very rare, of high scholarly and monetary value and therefore, irreplaceable if lost or damaged. They are also in various stages of deterioration and not all are completely ready for use. However, they may be accessed in-house.

To access them, a user has to search through the on-line catalogue and provide details of the item to the staff at SMNA Library information counter. He will have to return at least 4 hours after submitting his request to allow time for staff to search and locate the item. If the condition is permissible, he may use it the Library. Otherwise, the item will have to be digitized.

Library Membership

SMNA Library is a research library specifically meant for post-graduate students, scholars and researchers of IIUM. Other scholars, researchers and doctoral candidates are also allowed access, subject to the IIUM Library Policies.
To access and use SMNA Library, a formal application to the Head of SMNA Library, with a supporting letter from the applicant’s organization, is required. It should clearly state the intended purpose and duration of use. Some charges apply for each application (please refer to Membership Policy in the IIUM Library Homepage). SMNA Library reserves the right to reject any inappropriate application.