Client Charter

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Attending Patient

  1. To attend to all clients (visitors, staff and students) in a courteous, attentive and professional manner;
  2. To attend to clients' enquiries or problems promptly within 5 minutes for simple inquiries or requests;
  3. To make information documents (e.g. Kulliyyah brochures) available for clients at the time of request;
  4. To welcome and attend to official visits at the Kulliyyah lobby;
  5. To contact the staff/student whom the client wishes to meet within a reasonable amount of time;
  6. If the staff whom the client wishes to meet is unavailable:
    • Assign matters to another person OR
    • Take a message OR
    • Arrange for another appointment;
  7. To issue documents required by clients:
    • For Guarantee Letters within 1 hour after request;
    • For more elaborate documents, within 48 hours (2 working days) after request.