Mission and Vision

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Kulliyyah of Medicine IMC

Medical StudentsOur Mission

The acquisition and propagation of medical knowledge in the spirit of Tauhid (Faith) within the Islamic worldview as embodied in the University mission, viz: Islamization, Integration, Internationalization and Comprehensive Excellence.

Our Vision:

General Objectives

In consonance with the mission of IIUM, the Kulliyyah aims to produce medical graduates of outstanding quality who:

  • have acquired adequate medical knowledge and clinical skills incorporating the Islamic, moral and ethical dimension.
  • have been inculcated with values of professionalism and dedication to health care.
  • have been provided with the foundation for knowledge acquisition and be able to take the responsibility of continuous, lifelong education.

Programme Learning Outcome

At the end of the Medical Programme, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Illustrate understanding of the mechanisms of human bodily functions in health and disease from the biological, behavioral, epidemiological and social aspects.
  2. Comprehend interactions of individuals in the society and community.
  3. Inculcate the habits of inquisitiveness, an inquiring mind and acquire the methodology of information gathering, interpretation and making inferences and logical conclusions.
  4. Integrate knowledge from disciplines into a meaningful whole and transfer it from one area to another.
  5. Demonstrate skills in reasoning and deduction to solve medical and related problems.
  6. Perform history taking and physical examination in the most professional way.
  7. Formulate a diagnosis and propose investigations to conform or negate the diagnosis and competently draw up and implement its management plans.
  8. Recognize a medical emergency and institute appropriate help and referral.
  9. Diagnose common conditions and recognize uncommon ones that would necessitate expert opinion.
  10. Be a competent listener and communicator.
  11. Communicate with patients’ relatives, various members of the medical team and colleagues.
  12. Demonstrate competency in current information technology relevant to medical practice.
  13. Incorporate Islamic values and perspectives into medical issues.