Career Opportunities

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Career Opportunities

The medical profession is a noble one, for doctors do not only treat physical aspects but also mental and spiritual aspects of patients. The fundamental difference in the philosophy of teaching between Kulliyyah of Medicine and other conventional medical faculties is that we aim to produce doctors who are not only competent physicians but who are confidently knowledgeable of the spiritual healing in Islam.

The integrated medical curriculum at IIUM is suffused with characterization, interpretation and application of knowledge within the context of Islamic tenets and philosophy.

Graduates may go into general practice where they can look after the community at the primary care level.  Some may specialize in the various clinical specialties.  Opportunities are available for high achieving graduates both in government and local universities for extended training in various disciplines.  Research opportunities are offered in the University to full-time staff members or temporary research appointees in both clinical and non-clinical fields.  Graduates who wish to take up an academic career are normally required to work for a research degree.

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