Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery

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The Department of Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery (ORL-HNS) was established in 2002. ORL-HNS is a regional speciality involving both medical and surgical management not only in chronic suppurative otitis media, rhinosinusitis, sore throat or hearing loss, but beyond these disorders.

The Department is involved in the management disorders of the facial nerve, cochleo-vestibular disorders such as balance problems, infratemporal fossa or skull base disorders, facial plastics, head & neck tumors, sleep disorders, upper aerodigestive tract disorders and oromaxillofacial problems.

Some of the mentioned disorders involve multiple disciplines, including audiology, speech therapy, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, and vascular surgery. The aims of this department is to provide excellence and leadership, both local and international, in the field of Otorhinolarynogology and Head & Neck Surgery (ORL-HNS) by teaching, providing exemplary clinical practice, and dynamically pursuing relevant researches beneficial to the community, in an environment guided by moral, ethical and spiritual values.

Academic Programmes

Undergraduate Postings (Kulliyyah of Medicine)

Year II (MED 2210)

  • Oral cavity diseases
  • Oropharyngeal diseases
  • Nasopharyngeal diseases

Year II (MED 2410)

  • Diseases of the ear
  • Balance disorders

Year III Elementary Clinics (MED 3111)

  • Examination in Otorhinolaryngology
  • Examination of oral cavity
  • Examination of head & neck region

Year IV (MED 4402) 
Duration: 2 weeks

  • Otorhinolaryngology diseases
  • Head & neck surgical diseases

Undergraduate Courses (Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences)

Year II (AHA 2162)

  • Genetic Hearing Loss
  • Syndromic Hearing Loss

Year II (AHA 2262)

  • Otological disorders for audiological sciences
  • Neurotology disorders for audiological sciences

Undegraduate Courses (Kulliyyah of Nursing)

  • Common diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Common diseases of Head and Neck
  • Emergency in Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery