Student Portfolio

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Students Activities

First implemented in Year One of academic session 2009/2010. The portfolio or "collection of students' works" provides evidence of the achievement of knowledge, skills, attitude, understanding and professional growth through a process of self-reflection on learning over a period of time.

The reflection on learning includes learning experience in any academic activities in Problem-based learning (PBL), Practical, Tutorial, etc. Also, to identify what further learning is required.

The contents of the portfolio include student reflection materials (can be written in points forms or essay), group seminar presentation materials, peer assessment or written assessment (if available), published works or research projects and evidence of other achievement (co-curriculum)- participation in quizzes/sports/debates.

Students are instructed:

1.  to keep a designated file for portfolio

2. to submit the portfolio file when requested

3. to write at least two self-reflection materials in each block. (More are welcome)

4.  the file will have to be kept and constantly updated till fifth year.