Students Assessment

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Students Assessment

Students will be assessed through continuous assessment, end of block examinations and professional examinations (at the end of Year 2 and Year 5). For Phase I, the continuous assessment consists of mini tests, practical reports and problem-based learning.  This would contribute 30% to the end of block examination.  The end of block examination (70%) consists of multiple choice questions (MCQ), essays, short notes, problem-based questions (PBQ) and objectively structured practical examination (OSPE).

The First Professional Examination is held at the end of Year 2.  Seventy percent (70%) of marks will be from the First Professional Examination and 30% will be from grades obtained during the eight end of block examinations (Year 1 and Year 2) and group seminar presentations.

Assessment in Phase II and Phase III will include end of block/ posting examinations which consists of theory paper examination (Multiple Choice Question, patient management problems and data picture interpretation), clinical examination (long and short cases) and viva-voce sessions.

Continuous assessment (case write-up, log book, case presentations, seminar presentations and ward-work) forms 40% of the theory components. The Final Professional Examination at the end of Year 5 will consist of theory and clinical components with viva-voce for distinction candidates.

The purpose of the Final Professional Examination for the MBBS degree is to certify that students have achieved the objectives set by the Kulliyyah of Medicine.  Students who pass all the rotation posting assessments in Phase III and those who marginally fail in one block posting in Year 5 many be allowed to sit for the Final Professional Examinations. A student is certified eligible for the degrees of medicine and surgery (MBBS) if he/ she passes the Final Professional Examination and the resultis verified by the Senate of IIUM.

Assessment System