MSD Forms

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Service Matters

  1. Air Passage Form

Recruitment Academic

  1. Letter of undertaking    
  2. Report duty forms
  3. Checklist for Submission of Application to MSD 
  4. Cover Memo From KCI to MSD
  5. Criteria for Processing of Applications in Jobstreet

IT Service Request/Information

  1. Working Hour Individual
  2. Working Hour (Ramadhan) Individual 
  3. Working Hour (Ramadhan) Group 
  4. Roles of Liaison Officer

Application for Leave 

  1. Annual Leave Application form

Human Resources Forms (Services)

  1. Weightage Criteria for Consideration of Promotion to the Position of Asst. Prof(DS/DU52)/Assc. Prof(DS/DU54)/Prof(VK7)
  2. Revised Application Form for Promotion to the Position of Professor (Grade VK7) and Assoc. Professor (Grade 54)
  1. Application Form for Promotion of Administrative Post 
  2. Certification on Absent without Leave Form
  3. Promotion Staff on DG Grade 
  4. Emplacement

Employee Benefit Forms

  1. Guidlines on Application Process for Permanent Resident Status
  2. Staff Khairat Fund Regulation (Updated 21st June 2017)
  3. Staff Khairat Fund Apendixs 
  1. Remedial Grievance
  1.  Leave Matters 
  1.  Awards 
  1. Subsidiries

Financial Forms

  1. Personel Data Update (income tax purpose)
  2. Overtime Form & Extra Working Hours Form
  3. Travelling Claim Form

Remuneration Forms

  1. Covering Forms
  2. Moving to a New House Allowance
  3. Outstation Transfer
  4. Application NonFixed Allowance
  5. Notification Stop NonFixed Allowance

HR Administrative Development

  1. Forms For External Training (Administrative and Technical Staff)

HR Academic Development

Staff Mobility  

  1. IIUM Global Staff Mobility
  2. MOHE Lampiran A: Permission to Attend Official Duty_Oversea
  3. Application Form (Outbound)
  4. Application Form (Inbound)
  5. Programme Report Form

Study Leave Matters

  1. Application for Study Leave (Revised 2014)
  2. Application for Sabbatical Leave (Revised 2014)
  3. Academic Progress Report For Students
  4. Application form to conduct research with IIUM Funding
  5. Reimbursement From
  6. End of Course Allowance

Renewal of Contract

1. Report on Performance Assessment of Academic Staff (For Renewal of Contract) - Updated 17th January 2018

National Integrity Plan 

  1. NIP Report, Bureaucracy & Strengthen (Attch. A, B, C)