Staff Benefits

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IIUM Staff Benefits: SLIDE PRESENTATION (Download)

IIUM Staff Benefits: 

1. Cash advancement for newly arrived international staff
• Up to RM1,500.00
• Paid back through monthly installments
2. IIUM Nursery / Montessori
• On-campus (Gombak)
3. IIUM International School
• Special discount on fees for IIUM staff l (up to 2 children)
4. Educational Fees for International Staff
• Support given for primary to secondary school 
5. House Rental Reimbursement for International Staff
• RM1,200.00 to RM1,600.00 per month
6. Educational Privilege for staff studying at the IIUM
7. Educational Privilege for spouse and children of staff studying in IIUM
• Discount up to 75% of Malaysian rate
8. Employee Provident Fund (EPF)
• 11% - employee’s contribution
• 12% - employer’s contribution (Salary above RM5,000.00)
• 13% - employer’s contribution (Salary below RM5,000.00)
9. Social Security Organization (SOCSO)
• Statutory deduction for all employees with starting salary below RM4,000.00 per month except for those working with government
• Employees contribution is to fund the ‘Invalidity Pension Scheme’ – 24 hours coverage (Contribution will stop by the age of 60 years old)
• Employer’s contribution is to fund the ‘Employment Injury Scheme’ – coverage is limited to work related incidents (contribution will continue until the last day of work, regardless of age)
10. Medical Benefits
• Panel Clinics (RM45.00 per visit or 30% reimbursement)
• Free treatment at government hospitals according to eligibility
• Subsidy for coverage up to RM15,000 per year for private hospital treatment (through Group Hospitalization and Surgery Scheme)
• Maternity packages up to RM2,300.00 per package (max. 5 packages)
• Dental treatments
• Subsidy up to RM300.00 for Health Screening
• Subsidy up to RM150.00 for Breast Screening
• Subsidy up to RM100.00 for circumcisions and immunizations
11. Scholarship / Loan for staff to further studies
• Scholarship for academic staff to further studies in Masters degree and PhD
• Scholarship for professional and administrative staff to further studies (post graduate)
• Interest free Study Loan up to RM10,000.00 for staff in support group
12. Leave
• Annual leave
• Medical Leave
• Half pay leave
• Unpaid leave
• Hajj Leave
• Unrecorded Leave
13. Research Grants
• Research Endowment Fund up to RM20,000.00 for 24 months
• Research Matching Grant Scheme up to RM250,000.00
14. Appreciation
• Quality Day
• Staff Appreciation Ceremony (long service and retiree award)
• Employee’s Children Education Excellent Award
15. End of contract benefits
• Gratuity
• Tickets and freight for staff and family members
16. Retirement Benefits
• Employee Provident Fund (EPF)
• Service Gratuity
• Retirement Benefit Fund (RBF)
• New Retirement Fund (NRF)
• Leave cash compensation / Golden Handshake
• Free outpatient Medical treatment in IIUM Health and Wellness Centre
• Free Inpatient medical treatment at any government hospitals in Malaysia for life (including spouse)
17. Death compensation / assistance
• Funeral expense of RM3,000.00 under the MRS scheme
• Funeral assistance of RM1,500.00 under SOCSO scheme
• Funeral assistance of RM2,500.00 under EPF scheme
• Death benefit up to RM2,000.00 under Group Hospitalization Insurance and Surgery Scheme
• RBF disbursement at 30x of basic salary
• Golden Handshake
• Free medical treatment for spouse for life
• Derivative pension under SOCSO scheme
• Group Personal Accident Insurance (for those not covered by SOCSO)
• IIUM Funeral Management Team
18. Others
• Trainings
• IIUM Ibadah Camp
• On-campus housing for essential staff
• IIUM Hajj Programme
• Uniforms for Security Guards, Nurses, Drivers, Junior General Assistant.