IIUM Welfare

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1. Staff Khairat Fund
Funeral Assistance
Educational Benefits
Accident / Sickness assistances
Calamities assistances
Others (birth, hajj, retirement, marriage, disable child)
IIUM employees' children education excellent award

2. Staff Union and Associations
Kesatuan Kakitangan Am (KURNIA) - support group
Kesatuan Kakitangan Sokongan Satu (KESATU) - support group 1
Academic Staff Association (ASA) - academic staff
Professional and Management Association (PMA)

3. Joint Collaborative Council (JCC)
Platform for representatives of staff union and associations to meet the IIUM Top Management members to voice out problems or suggestions
Meeting are held four (4) times in a year

4. Remedial Grievance System (RGS)
Platform for staff to complaint or suggest anything related to a staff or work system for improvement.

5. Financial and Retirement Planning Programmes
Awareness programme for IIUM staff members to educate the importance of proper financial planning methods especially for retirement since IIUM did not have pension scheme.