Administrative Development Unit

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 Our function are: 

In line with the University's mission to produce better quality intellectuals and professionals by integrating the qualities of faith (iman), knowledge ('ilm) and good character, this unit is committed in providing the opportunities for all levels of staff to attend necessary and/or required training for competent completion of duties and also personal development.
Training (Non-Academic) Unit is responsible to process applications for:
1. Part-time studies for IIUM Administrative & Technical professional staff
2. Study Loan for IIUM Administrative & Technical Support staff
3. Professional trainings such as training attachments
4. External trainings organized by outside organizations (local or overseas).

  The unit is also responsible to organize the following programmes:-

1. Induction Course for new staff;
2. Ibadah Camps;
3. Safety & Health courses;
4. English Proficiency classes;
5. Soft skills courses;
6. IT courses;
7. Basic Islamic courses;

Our partners in organizing these courses are:-

1. Occupational Safety & Health Unit, MSD
2. Institute for Language Advancement (IfLA)
3. Centre for IT Advancement (CITA)
4. Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque