Service Unit

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Our function are:

 1. Formulation of IIUM Service Policies and Rules

2. Promotion exercise

3. Confirmation in service

4. Leave-related matters (Unpaid leave, Half-pay leave, Long Medical leave, Hajj Leave, Unrecorded leave, Research leave, Cash compensation for unutilized annual leave and Golden hand shake)

5. Termination of service (Resignation, Shortening of contract, Optional retirement, Retirement and Termination)

6. Change of title and adjustment of salary

6.1 Academic staff (DS45) upon obtaining Ph.D

6.2 Lecturer (DG41) who obtained Ph.D

6.3 Librarian/Counsellors who obtained Masters Degree

7. Staff movement (transfer / secondment)

8. Statement of service

9. Retirement Benefit Fund

10. Processing air-tickets facilities for staff members from Sabah and Sarawak

11. Annual Performance Appraisal Report  

12. Asset Declaration