Performance Management Unit

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Our function are:

 As core unit of Management Serivice Dvision of IIUM, our functions and commitements are as follow:

1. Administrative

  • Corporate Mail Coordination
  • Courier Service (DHL) Coordination
  • MSD non-personnel budget control
  • Document Controller
  • Inventory & Stock Control
  • Issuance of Circulars on Holiday
  • General Office Maintenance & Safety
  • MSD Vehicle : Maintenance & Renewal of Road Tax

2. Finance

  • Processing & Disbursing Payment:
  • Puchase & Local Order
  • Gratuity for MSD Staff
  • Honorarium to External Assessors
  • MSD Staffs' Travelling Claims
  • MSD non-personel budget control

3. Quality

  • Document Controller
  • Housekeeping
  • Overseeing all the ISO procedures in MSD
  • Organising Internal Quality Audit for MSD
  • Organising Surveillance Audit for MSD
  • Organising Quality Agency Award Audit for MSD

4. Records Management

  • Online Filing Information System
  • Monitoring the active files and closed files
  • Updating the general files and personel files

5. Secretariat

  • Secretariat of IIUM Administrators Coordination Meeting
  • Secretariat of MSD Coordination Meeting
  • Secretariat of Quality Administrative Staff Award