Corporate & Strategic Management Unit

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Our function are:

  • Secretariat of BOG, Majlis, AGM & EGM
  • Secretariat of IIUM's Committee for Management Integrity (CMI)
  • Monitoring & Processing the Appointment of :
    a. Members of the BOG
    b. Members of the Majlis
    c. Representatives in Sub-Committees of Majlis
    - :Staff Disciplinary Board (SDB)
    - :Standing Finance Committee (SFC)
    - :Academic Staff Selection Board (ASSB)
    - :Staff Promotion and Service Board (SPSB)
    d. Representative of the Board of Trustees' in the Board of Governors
    e. Representative of Senate in the Majlis
    f. The External Auditor Company for the IIUM.
    g. Members of the IIUM's Internal Audit Committee.
    h . Members of the Committee for Management Integrity
  • Registration matters with Companies Commission of Malaysia
  • Corporate Service Matter