Payroll Schedule 2017

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Payroll activities for the year 2017 shall be as below:

  1. Salary for Part Time workers

Dates of salary payment for part time workers are fixed on 15th day of each month.

Part-time (administrative) - The online part-time claim must be verified latest by 4th day of each month.

Part-time claim (academic) - All completed and duly approved documents must be submitted before 7th day of each month.

  1. Salary for Staff of IIUM

Last submission date of completed documents Payroll Date 2017 Remarks
January 5thJanuary 19thJanuary Chinese New Year on 28th & 29th January
February 7thFebruary 23rdFebruary  
March 7thMarch 23rdMarch -
April 7thApril 25thApril -
May 5thMay 25thMay  
June 31stMay 15thJune Eid ul-Fitr on 25th& 26thJune
July 7thJuly 25thJuly  
August 7thAugust 24thAugust -
September 7thSeptember 25thSeptember  
October 22nd September 11thOctober Deepavali on 18thOctober
November 7thNovember 23rdNovember -
December 5thDecember 21stDecember Christmas on 25thDecember



Please make sure that all documents are complete and submitted within the stipulated time as per above schedule.

Payment for eligible claims shall be made within the same month of submission is done and within the stipulated time, otherwise, the claims shall be processed in the following payroll month.

All non-fixed allowances must be claimed using the specified form which can be downloaded from the MSD Intranet.

All claims must be submitted within 3 months from the date of  the events/programmes. Staff who have submitted their claims are requested to check the release of payments in the payslip accordingly. Any complaints for non-payment of submitted claims which are reported to Payroll & Financial Services Unit after the 3-month eligibility period shall not be entertained and eligibility shall be considered as lapsed.

Pre-payslip may be viewed 7 days before payday. Any discrepancies may be reported to and the correction can only be entertained if it is reported on that particular day.

All claims that must be submitted through Finance Unit at respective Kulliyyahs/Centres/Divisions/Institutes are as follows :

  1. Part-time (academic)

  2. Extra teaching claim

  3. Overtime / extra working hours claim

  4. Shift allowance

  5. Telephone bill claim

  6. On call claim

  7. Travelling claim (Kuantan Campus)

  8. Honorarium