How to channel my complaint?

Your complaint can be channel to RSD by filling in the complaint form or you can browse through RSD Website: Complaint form can be found at the suggestion box located at canteen areas or food court areas, at the mahallah offices or at offices of all K/C/D.

F&B ( Food and Beverage)

I am a Middle East student, where can I get the International food on campus?

At Gombak campus we have a few International food outlets that cater for International students & staff ranging from Asian favorites to Western and Middle East cuisine, specifically, there is something for everyone such as The Nile, Mama Mia Restaurant, Kyross Kebab, Bassbussa, Babush, 1901 Hot dog, Bakeries and many others.

Is there any food available during the semester break or public holiday?

Yes, there will be food available in the campus during the semester break or public holiday. The food outlets/ cafeterias will be opened based on rotational schedule and this schedule will be pasted at all strategic notice board as well as at all mahallah’s notice boards.

University Campus Bazaar

How to apply for university campus bazaar?

The campus Bazaar stall is divided into two categories: student bazaar & public bazaar. The application form for both type of bazaar can be purchased at the office of Residential and Services Department (RSD) that is RM 5.00 each for the public and free of charge for student. All student application must be recommended by the office of Student Development Division. All applicants must fullfill certain criteria to be eligible as the operators of campus bazaar.

How do the selections process for university campus bazaar being done?

All operators for campus bazaar will be selected by the Bazaar Selection Committee Members (BSC). The BSC members will meet 4 times a year as below: CBC Meeting No 1 (March) : Applications for the month of April, May, June. CBC Meeting No 2 (June) : Applications for the month of July, Aug, Sept. CBC Meeting No 3 (Sept) : Applications of the month of Oct., Nov., Dec. CBC Meeting No 4 (Dec) : Applications for the month of Jan, Feb, March of the following year.

How much is the rental charged for campus bazaar?

Public bazaar : RM800 per stall per month Student bazaar : RM 150 per stall per month.

Venue Booking

How do I book a venue at IIUM?

All applicants are required to fill up the Booking of Venues Form and submit to RSD at least five (5) working days before the event date. Please call the person in charge at 03-6421 4000 (ext. no 3232/ 4784)

What venue can I book from RSD?

IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC), Main Auditorium, Mini Auditorium and Experimental Hall, Central Complex riverside area, Multi Purpose Hall and Seminar Room at Mahallah.

Is booking a venue comes with audio visual equipment and others?


Whom should I liaise with if I need to use audio visual equipment, banquet equipment and others for my event?

For booking of audio visual, you have to go to CPD (Centre for Professional Development) or contact 03-6421 4058 and for banquet equipments please contact the office of Daya Bersih Sdn Bhd at 03-6196 5415/5418. You need to inform IIUM Security Department at 03-6421 5555 to open and close the venue's doors.

Please take note that, all departments above will only entertain your request upon approval from RSD.

Will there be extra charged for all that?