Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy




The Kulliyyah of Pharmacy IIUM conducts an accredited Pharmacy Programme by Malaysian Qualification Agency and Board of Pharmacy, Malaysia. The programme curriculum has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of above mentioned professional bodies and at the same time embed the Islamic perspective which is very much in line with the philosophy of IIUM, to produce pharmacists with Islamic values in the conduct of their professional duties.

The Pharmacy Programme that we have is structured in an integrated system in order to produce pharmacists, who are not only able to work in various pharmacy services, but are also highly skilled to meet modern challenges of hospitals, community pharmacies as well as pharmaceutical industries.


  • To train pharmacists who have taqwa towards Allah and practice in the field of pharmacy in line with Islamic codes of ethics and principles.
  • To meet the demand for Muslim pharmacist in Malaysia and other Muslim nations.
  • To train graduates with adequate knowledge and skills in all aspects of drugs, beginning with their origin, chemistry, pharmacology, production and their quality usage.
  • To train graduates who appreciate the etiology of diseases and pharmaco- therapeutic approach that is proposed to treat it.
  • To train competent graduates who are able to generate new research findings in the technical, pharmaceutical and clinical aspects in order to improve the health care service.
  • To train graduates who have a high level of professionalism, commitment, is trustworthy, self-confident and with sound knowledge in the discipline of pharmacy, and who have strong academic foundation to further specialise in any field of pharmacy.


A pass in the IIUM Matriculation Centre’s final examination with CGPA of not less than 3.5 and fulfilling all other requirements for promotion to the first year of a degree programME at IIUM;


Obtain 2A (Biology and Chemistry) and 1B (Physics or Mathematics) for GCE

‘A’ Level


Any other qualifications from institutions recogniSed by IIUM



Graduated students shall pursue their dream career in the field of pharmaceutical sciences such as in the hospitals, clinics, community pharmacies (either to venture their own business or to be an employee), research and development and others. The role of pharmacists in the community is important in giving advice, counseling, patient education on the consumption of drugs, and help in addressing the issue of misuse of drugs.


On industrialisation, the government has agreed with the proposal by the Malaysian Industry Group for High Technology (‘MIGHT’) in identifying the pharmaceutical industry as one of the technology based industry, which the nation must venture into in order to achieve its target of becoming an industrialised country.

Based on the above factors it is imperative that the nation needs to increase the number of pharmacists in the country in order to offer more efficient pharmaceutical services both in the public and private sectors of Malaysia and the Muslim countries.

In its efforts to realise its vision, the Kulliyyah of Pharmacy has planned to pioneer the pilot plant project in its permanent building.

This project involves the establishment of a small scale pharmaceutical plant in the Kulliyyah that will be engaged in both teaching and manufacturing of some generic drugs.


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