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The OSPE (Objective Structured Practical Examination) is to test student’s clinical and communication skills. OSPE hall composed of 10 patient-beds/ stations set up to test candidate’s response to a given simulation in an allotted time by demonstrating their knowledge.Each station consists of a simulation involving either, a patient, actor or a skills model, alongside an examiner to assess student performance.

To ensure the exam runs on time, a timing system is used with clear instructions relayed though a speaker system to examiners and candidates.

In the OSPE hall, 10 units of IP surveillance were installed at each patient bed. There is also one (1) unit of PC-based integrated system which allows visualizing and controlling the system from a central location.record and replaying the entire simulation for facilitated debriefing and after-action review.This AV system enable to record students’ performance during practice, assessment, simulated clinical experiences (SCEs) and clinical exam which will be observed through one-way mirror of the debriefing room. This is very crucial for students or even the supervisors to enhance learning through reflection, evaluate student’s knowledge, abilities, communication and collaboration with team works and also enhance critical thinking.