Student Activities

Student Activities

The Students Activity Unit is one of the Units of the Office of International Affairs (IO).  The Unit was established mainly to organize annual programmes and activities for the international students while pursuing their studies at the university.


  • Receive new international students upon their arrival to Malaysia and 

  • assisting them with their registration, accommodation and other essential needs.

  • Conducting orientation programmes for new international students admitted to the university.

  • Organizing programmes that can promote cross-cultural awareness and also integration between Malaysian and international students.

  • Organizing programmes to expose the students to the Malaysian culture, such as educational visits, home stay programmes, etc.

One of the biggest event of the Unit is Global Ummatic Festival:

  • The objective of   the Global Ummatic Festival is to expose the IIUM community to the diversified cultures of the international students as well as to exchange ideas and norms among the international and Malaysian students. The festival comprises of integrated programmes aiming at facilitating, solidifying good and better relationship among the students in particular and staff in general. It is an annual programme that showcase the image of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) to the general public including the diplomatic corps. 

  • Click on the following link for Global Ummatic Festival 2015 programme tentative

Global Ummatic Festival 2015




The Programmes organized by the Unit are as follows:

1. Coffee Talks 

2. Ta’aruf/welcoming Programme for new International students.

3 Iftar with IIUM Lecturers & International Students . 

4. Iftar with Deputy Rector Internationalisation, Industry & Community Relations

5. Iftar with IIUM Rector & International Students.

6. Eid ul Fitri Programme – international students and students Sabah & 

7  Eid ul Adha Programme 

8. Global Ummatic Festival  

9. Country’s profile - monthly display of countries flags of Independent 

10. Home Stay Programme .


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