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Institutional Quality Management

  1. Coordinate and monitor implementation of Quality Management System(QMS) and manage relevant audits
  2. Inform and advise K/C/D/Is on quality compliance requirements and the processes involved
  3. Coordinate awareness and training programmes for quality improvement
  4. Coordinate and oversee processes for cyclical review of existing SOPs under QMS for continual quality improvement
  5. Liaise and collaborate with relevant external agencies on institutional quality matters



Academic Standards Quality Assurance

  1. Coordinate and oversee processes for quality assurance of academic programmes*
  2. Coordinate the implementation of outcome-based education processes
  3. Liaise with relevant external agencies of academic quality compliance issues; e.g. with Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysian Qualification Agency
  4. Create and implement strategies for facilitating accreditation processes with professional and international bodies/agencies
  5. Plan, coordinate and monitor the implementation of Self-Acccreditation

Note: * Academic programmes are defined as all programmes endorsed by IIUM Senate